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    Default Packing list..

    Finished writing out my equipment/food list for a planned 5 day four night float trip 70 miles. Like to check it against others. I'll show you mine if you show me yours........

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    Default packing list

    be glad to share mine, sent you a pm though due to size (exel doc).

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    Default Here's mine

    I keep mine online so my friends can use it:

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    Why so secretive about your packing list? You can search the forum and find lots of them.

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    Default Secret?

    No secrets here, just didn't see the since in using up a lot of space if it wasn't necessary. Tried the search thing and didn't get much...maybe it is just me...

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    Here is one I have used...can't take credit though...Fullcurl posted it.

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    Default Yep

    - All required Medication
    - All required toiletries for 4-10 Days
    - Sun Block
    - Insect Repellant
    - Bottled Water / Water Filter
    - Food for 10 Days Just in case verse the 7 you plan.
    - Ball Cap / Winter Hat
    - Water Proof Rain Gear Top and Bottom ( H & H PVC recommended
    - Waders / Hip Boots
    - Polar Fleece Gloves
    - Sweatshirt Fleece/ Sweater Wool or Fleece
    - Three / Four Changes of Clothing; Clothing should include at least one set of Thermal under garments for potentially freezing weather conditions.
    - Light to Mid Weight Jacket Fleece / Water resistant / Wind Proof recommended
    - One Towel
    - Sandals and Boots
    - Shorts, and Light weight shirt quick drying
    - Please stay away from Cotton material concerning your clothing. Recommend Fleece, Wool, and other breathable materials that retain heat when wet.

    Tent: 4 or 6 person Timberline Outfitter 3.5 - 4 Season rated

    Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree rated over-size Slumber Jack fit to 6ft 6 inches or
    10 Degree rated Slumber Jack fit to 6ft 2 inches Mummy plus Gortex Bivy Sack

    Self Inflating Mattress 1.5 -2 inch close cell foam self inflating ranging from ¾ length to full length, Slumber Jack.

    Axes and Hatches: All are Gerber with plastic handles and come with protective covers one of each, Pocket Saw

    Cook Stoves: Peak One Propane/Butane burning backpacking stove

    Water Purification System: Drip 1 gallon Filter with 99.9% filtration ( Katadyn) or Master Pump to 26,000 Gallons

    Oars and Oar Blades: Carlisle one, two or three piece oars with contractor blades

    Rescue Lines: Orange CorduraTM bag with 70'1/4" polypropylene line with a max rating of 950 lbs.

    Coolers: Marine Grade Igloo, or Coleman 55,80 or 100 quart

    Life Jacket: STEARNS from child to XX Large (White Water Vest are LOTUS)

    Pump for Boat: 6 Inch Wonder dual action barrel pumps

    Tool Kit: Mini tool kit includes, Two screw drivers phillips and flat head, ½ inch socket with 3/8 drive shallow and deep well, and pliers

    Repair Kits Boat: All repair kits are manufacture repairs kits and come with the manufactures recommend items for standard rafting.

    First Aid Kits: 16 day 16 person adventure kit, and 8 day 6 person adventure kit. First aid kits carry basic items such as Sam’s Splint, 4 inch gauze bandages, strip bandages, blood clotting agent, sling material, irrigation syringe, sterie strips, anti acids, emergency first aid instructional booklet etc…..

    Fire Starter Your Choice with Striker, Lighter, and Flare.

    Reflective Devise, GPS, 2-Two Way 5Watt Marine hand held Radio, Trip Plane left with someone I can trust, Flash Light

    Fish Basket for eats

    Dry Bags

    100ft of Poly Float Rope

    Three Tarps - one small, one Med and one Large

    Spider Cargo Net

    Kitchen Set Light weight to inlcude seasonings with extras for float!

    Handy Wipes - Dish Soap

    Solar Shower

    I know I talk to much! Floating with the Kitchen Sink! :-) Hey I left out the Grill!

    Tight Lines


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