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Thread: Fishing kings from a boat... need something new

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    Default Fishing kings from a boat... need something new

    Seeing all the EO's around and knowing the Deshka will soon get even more crowded, is there anywhere I can try for kings this weekend that is boat accessible? I'm not a veteran at fishing kings, but I figure this would be a good time to explore more water. I haven't really fished areas outside the lil su or deshka for Kings... from a boat that is. Thanks in advance.

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    The simple answer is no, well ship creek if you consider that a fishing location but I wouldn't. I am unfamiliar with any king fishing locations you are looking for that don't require a very in depth knowledge of the river as the conditions are downright dangerous for the average boater.

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    The only boat water near/north of Anchorage open for kings after 6am June 15 are the Deshka and the Eklutna tail race. Lil Su closes on the 15th.

    You could head to rivers west of the Big Su in the West Cook Inlet unit. Most are closed to king fishing but there are exceptions. However, its a long way to go for 1 fish.

    Head to the Kenai if your boat meets the motor regulations.

    It looks like spring fishing for feeder kings in the Inlet is going to be the best option in the coming years.


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