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Thread: Plumbed poly tanks

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    Default Plumbed poly tanks

    I am committed to making this the first year I go further than from the landing to Deshka. It is also going to be the first time I really do anything to the fuel plumbing as I would like to configure the poly drums to quick connect. I bought the boat in 2008 and in standard AK fashion it has pretty much just fired up each year and worked despite my complete apathy to maintenance that couldn't be done in 10 minutes with a grease gun. That said I have never even pulled the fuel water filter and have no idea what ports are for what on it.

    Clearly the port on the right side is for fuel in from tank and left side is for fuel out to motor (unless previous owner set it up wrong) now the question is about the plugged port on the right next to the fuel inlet. Can I thread in some sort of female fuel line quick connect there?

    Here is a pic:

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    Hard to say LuJon without pulling it out and having a good look.
    I just purchased a water separator/ fuel filter for my boat and cast into the top of the mount where the lines screw in are embossed arrows showing direction of flow. Mine has 4 ports 2 in and 2 out so I can run multiple tanks and 2 motors.

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    They are usually 'in' from the left and 'out' to the right...hence the 2 lines capability on the right side. You can put a 'y' in your system with a shutoff valve and put a quick connect on your new line in.

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    I just checked our boat and it is similar to Drifter's, Two in and two out, one of each on either side with corresponding embossed arrows. The Racor on our other boat has two in, one on each side and an out in the middle. Both our boats are plumbed to run off portable tanks/jugs with multiple sources.

    Go to Jackovich up on the Parks Hwy and get a couple fuel rated quarter turn valves. That way you can select which source and isolate the other. They have valves which will fit into the openings on your filter housing. It is necessary to isolate both the source and the destination (if you have multiple motors), as to not draw air into the system. The quick disconnect alone is not adequate to isolate the fuel system, air can still be drawn in. Jackovich also carries Racor filters and the clear, drainable, filter bowls. These are great for draining any water that gets into the system, as well as monitoring IF any gets in. The Racor should fit right onto the housing you already have, mine did. Last year I had accumulated about half a bowl of water by the end of our Koyukuk trip.


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