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Thread: A New Piece Of Float Camping Gear

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    Default A New Piece Of Float Camping Gear

    I found a raft store in Denver that sells a simple, yet effective piece of gear to make a tripod out of oars. In the past I have just used a strap to link the oars together to make a tripod to hang a water filter or game meat when there were no trees available.

    This is just 3 rings welded together for $9.95. If you have the equipment it would be easy to make yourself. This will be less of a struggle to make a tripod vs. fighting with 3 oars and a strap all trying to go in different directions. The shop owner talked about using a tripod and a tarp to create a riverside sauna with hot rocks from the firepit. A hot sauna on a cold, rainy day is something that could deffinitely add style points to a river camp. Of course extreme caution must be used when heating rocks!

    It's sold by AAA Inflateables of Denver.
    I was in Denver so I just went by and picked it up. If you are interested I'd call them and find a cheaper way to ship this small item vs. UPS 2nd day air. To the best of my knowledge nobody else sells this item.

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    Cool, thanks for the tip Birdstrike. I dig simple, yet very useful, pieces of gear like this. I wonder when NRS will start selling this?

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    I believe Northwest River Supplies and Cascade Outfitters carry the same thing. I think I saw them in stainless.

    We just use raft straps, but either way works.

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    I took three stainless rings and taped them together. Used it for years. Now I have a tipi style tent that I suspend this way to get the center pole out of the way.


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