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Thread: Campin in Homer

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    Default Campin in Homer

    I am taking my wife and kids (3&6) to Homer this weekend to camp and fish. This being our first trip to the region I was hoping to get some recommendations on things to do (we love camping and the outdoors but are willing to try museums), where to camp, and any and all fishing info I can get on the area. Thank you!

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    You could try the Pratt museum. Also the Islands and Oceans visitor center is something worth checking out especially for the kids.
    I like to walk the docks and look at the different boats.
    Lots of little shops on the spit for the wife to go shopping as well as some downtown.
    There is a paved hiking and biking trail down the spit if the kids bring their bikes or rollerblades.
    As for fishing there is the fishing hole on the spit which should have a few kings in it this time of year as well as the beach fishing at lands end wich we have discussed many times before. Just use the search feature in the saltwater fishing forum.
    Most people camp on the spit in one of the campgrounds. Easy to find they are all visible from the road and all have awsome views. There are also some campgrounds in town as well.
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    Kasilofchrisn gave you some great advice. I forgot to mention the "fishing hole" on the spit in your fishing thread. There is generally more fishing there than catching though.
    Another thing that might interest you is at the Karen Hornaday park up on the hill above Homer, they just built a new playground a couple weeks ago. There is a campground right above the park too, but I prefer to camp on the spit myself-less mosquitos and waves crashing muffles loud neighbors.
    I would add Alaska Wildberry Products is a fun place to go. It is half candy store, half museum. There are also some art galleries near there too if you are into that, there are some very talented local artists.
    There are also a handful of decent restaurants in Homer if you check Yelp or Urbanspoon. Good luck and have fun!

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    I camped at the Karen Hornaday park two years ago. I loved having the trees and space between the sites and the kids LOVED the old playground (can't wait to see the new one!). That said, we did leave early because the site above ours was occupied by a guy who sat in is slammed Escolade listening to booming rap music ALL DAY LONG! Why do poeple like that bother going camping? Okay, rant over. I had a question about camping on the spit. I have a pop up for sleeping but cook/lounge outside. Are the fire rings and/or picnic tables at the spit campgrounds? Is there any room between spaces or is it just a big gravel parking lot?


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