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Thread: Salmon Fishing Along Campbell Creek

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    Post Salmon Fishing Along Campbell Creek

    I've heard that Campbell Creek gets a decent run of silvers and that the fishing can be pretty good at times. How about kings and reds? My guess is that it's closed to angling for chinook, but...

    Last July, I observed some kings in the park just off Lake Otis Boulevard. That same month, I caught some teenagers red-handed trying to net chinook under a bridge along Campbell Airstrip Road.

    From what I gather, the BLM area is full of bears and an angler can spend more time dodging brownies than making casts when the salmon are plentiful.

    Can anyone provide some insight and advice on when and where to fish this area? Is there access to the lower stretch closer to stream mouth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
    How about kings and reds? My guess is that it's closed to angling for chinook, but...
    I've never fished it, so I can't tell you much...but I do know that there is a short kids-only fishery for chinook on Campbell Creek. If you've got a child under 18, that might be a cool option for a day trip in town. I'm quite certain that there is no retention of sockeye on Campbell, but I've also heard that you can get into a few silvers in the right time and place. Rainbow fishing in the upper stretches is supposed to be pretty decent as well, though there are plenty of brown bears up that way.

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    Default Silvers

    There are a ton of silvers in August, and lots of reds. Most people only target the rainbow trout though, by casting egg imitations over the tops and behind the schools of silvers. I let my kids catch and release silvers one after another off a bridge about 200 yards above Lake Otis street two years ago. Most of them were not really worth keeping though.
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