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Thread: Combining two Aire Traveler inflatable canoes

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    Default Combining two Aire Traveler inflatable canoes

    Would love to hear from anyone who has actually put together two travels into a cata-canoe. Most interested in how the boat functions in the wind driven choppy waves that can't be completely avoided on the Yukon. Have done a huge amount of research on the internet - but it would be great to get some first hand experience. I believe I've read pretty much everything regarding the issue on this forum and that I can find on the web, which created the concern about spray, but haven't heard from anyone who may have successfully used a customized front skirt of some sort. Many thanks.

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    Now leanings toward an Aire 16 foot expedition cataraft for the Yukon float trip - but haven't completely eliminated the twin Traveler idea.

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    Have you looked at the Saturn Kaboats I ,m very impressed with mine, the 10 PSI floor makes all the difference in performance.

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    Use the search feature here and enter catacanoe.

    I just did so and saw several 20+ post threads that should be of benefit to you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yukon77 View Post
    Now leanings toward an Aire 16 foot expedition cataraft for the Yukon float trip - but haven't completely eliminated the twin Traveler idea.
    A little info about your trip would help. Yes, it's the Yukon, but how many people, what kind of load, and what you expect out of the outboard? On the latter question, are you wanting the boat to perform like a sport boat, run up on step, etc, or are you looking to just double your drift speed (basically a fast trolling speed)?

    The AIRE Expedition series has a very blunt bow and stern area, which is not going to perform well if you're trying to get up on step. It's a big load-hauler though, so if you just need to increase your drift speed with a smaller outboard, say, in the 8-horse range, you'll be fine. If you need to go faster, my suggestion is to go with a more traditional design like their Performance Series boats. The bow transition is more gradual and you'll get a lot less splash. If you find that the 16' Expedition cataraft (the Lion 16)works for your loads, you might bump it up to the 18' Performance boat (the Leopard) to compensate for the reduced lift those boats offer.

    Have you looked through our Cataraft Pages? There is a side menu to other inflatable boat options there as well. And if you have suggestions for additional topics you'd like to see covered in those pages, just let us know and we can make it happen.

    Hope it helps!

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    Sorry about the duplication - as I have posted the same thing on the efficient motor thread also.

    In response, after a lot of research including this forum, and with the help of some very knowledgabe Anchorage folks, the Leopard is just what I may do. There are other great cata-rafts to consider (and still considering), but I have Aire products and understand their systems and have experience with any needed repair which is a plus on such a long trip. Load consists of 2 people loaded for Whitehorse to the Bering Sea - tentatively expecting a load of about 1,300 pounds including frame/people/food/gas/motor - everything. This is assuming a 60 pound 5 hp motor and 20 gallons of gas and lots of fresh water. Will outfit for sleeping on the boat as an option. Boat will be outfitted with oars of course & extra set. Trip is a planned "float" trip and motor considerd a luxury to be used to assist crossings and help with the wind - if the motor is working Bad weather - we're off the water.

    As with most orginal estimated weight plans - those figure only go up. I originally was thinking about the Lion 16 because of its advertised cargo capacity rating on the Aire website. The Leopard advertised load capacity of 1476 scared me off initially, but I'm learning it may well be my best choice for our planned trip taking into consideration efficency with rowing and motoring with a 5 hp. I'm now also aware of the Cougar, Super Leopard, and 18 foot Lion that isn't easily found on their web site. However, it may well turn out that the standard Leopard will the sweet spot for our needs. Thanks for everyone's help.


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