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Thread: Hyside's Mini Me Rocks

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    Default Hyside's Mini Me Rocks

    I was in Denver for work and had a day off. I've only gotten my boat out once so far this year in AK, but have been feeling the need to boat for months.

    I was hoping to find space on a commercial trip on Colorado's premier class V run, Gore Canyon, but there's not much snowmelt this year and the dam releases for the run have not started yet. I called around and talked to an outfitter on Clear Creek just west of Denver. I knew most of Clear Creek was a ho hum class III run where the large percentage of customers have never been in a raft before. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing at all wrong with that, but I was looking for a bit more excitement. The outfitter offered a spot in a Hyside Mini Me

    It's a 9' self-bailing round raft that looks more like a pool toy than a full size boat. lol

    There was just enough room for the guide, myself and another guy who made me look small and I'm 6'3" and 225lbs. The guide explained that the little boat would amp up the run and he was absolutely correct. I swam once with the guide and the other guy swam twice. If it wasn't for the footcups there would have been even more carnage.

    The boat doesn't have many practical applications for AK but it sure was fun for a couple of hours.

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    Next time you get in a 9' raft, do it with someone smaller

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    Thumbs up Mini Rafting Alaska

    Yep - good times in R2 rafts... can be an eye-opener to even the seasoned rafter for the high intensity aerobic workout!

    Using mini-rafts for two up to three people max - you're in a momentum-driven ejection seat as a guide on the back or 'if room' properly just to the side tube of stern. Swimming is not an IF - it is a when. Be careful w/ foot-cups! Tho' cool and useful these can twist knees!

    Like the outfitter in Colorado... Here in Alaska, I recommend these smaller rafts to up challenges, fitness, skills, cooperation, communication, etc. on small creeks like the upper-upper Willow from Hatchers Pass.

    Last spring's fun runs (w/ two and three persons) used 10' SOTAR SP w/ all smiles - yet one good ejection at bottom of a chute! This season, it will be a couple of the new SATURN Raft 9'6" with full wrap drop-stitch floors and DRE version of mini-me. No question there is growing popularity in these mini-rafts with a whole new fun-factor as well as some utility. SOTAR is representative of highest quality and ruggedness while boats such as the Hyside, DRE, and SATURN are representative of a good mid-tier choice.

    Something to keep in mind is that we Dry-suit and helmet up for these runs. It is active boating, paddles moving, pirouettes, close quarters for elbow room, and potential to likely ejections. Swimming, possible entrapment, bumps and/or bruises, and self reliance in terms of rescue are some key need to knows.

    With frames they are an excellent choice for dryer and warmer 1-person oar-rig... (for some perspective) it is very important to realize that these rafts react very quickly to routes/techniques you do right-on vs. magnifying route-finding errors/moves you misjudge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdstrike View Post
    The boat doesn't have many practical applications for AK but it sure was fun for a couple of hours.
    I take exception to that. How about taking a buddy dipnetting at the Copper River?

    That really looks like a lot of fun; the pictures are great!


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