I walked into Walmart minding my own business and walked out with a new Fuji XP55. I had no real intention to buy a new camera but I stopped to look at what was there and the salesman forced me into a corner...threatened my offspring and ultimately sold me the camera...at least that's what my wife heard.

I kinda was interested in a waterproof camera for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and so on...one that was shirt pocket size. Too many times I've missed shots because I've left my D3100 in the truck. The salesman pointed to the Fuji and told me his son had carried one in the Sandbox and his son and the camera had survived a lot of rough treatment. The XP55 is allegedly water, dust, shock and freeze proof and weighs...not much. Bottom line is I bought it ($179) and used it for a kayak trip clipped to my life jacket, several hikes and look forward to using it this winter while playing in the snow.

It has a 5x opitical zoom (28mm), 14 MP, 2.7" LCD screen and is supposed to take 1080P movies. I have taken about 50 shots so far and displayed on a 32" Sony HD screen they look very nice for $179 camera. Also, it has a sealed lens that does not extend in front of the camera. Not sure how they do the zoom, but it works.

I'm not an expert here but just thought I'd pass on my first impressions of the camera. So far I like it alot.