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Thread: The Gulkana River Report- June 9th Kings, Kings and Kings!

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    Default The Gulkana River Report- June 9th Kings, Kings and Kings!

    I don't know how many of you have been tracking the fish counts or gotten any real time reports but the Kings are here and thick.

    We sent out our first batch of fisherman today and I was skeptical as this is way early. Well, the guys had the river to themselves and it was fish on and fast. All fishermen caught kings and we had 6 landed, 2 over 35 pounds to boot.

    Keep in mind that the river is high and fast as well as muddy. Plan on loosing rigs so rig up with drop wt s using rubber bands so you don't loose your drifter set-ups. There is very little junk in the river and it appears that most of the good fishing is from Saviors Pit down to the Bridge. The flow is fast so bring a net as the bigger Kings will be hard to land if they get into the main flow of the river.

    Miles River counts:

    This is good news for us on the Gulkana. To date the count through the counter is over 550,000 fish and that is 220,000 higher than last years count on this date!

    Compare these numbers:

    June 1, 2011-282,000
    June 1, 2012-437,000

    June 7, 2011-348,000
    June 7, 2012-533,000

    June 9, 2011-380,000
    June 9, 2012-550,000

    There are a few jet boats at the bridge and no Rafts. The parking lot has about a dozen campers and the river is filled with gulls waiting for their next meal!

    I will keep you posted as the week advances and our groups come in!

    See ya on the river, Tight Lines!

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals

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    Right on!!!! I'll be floating down the weekend of the 23rd!

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    Any good tips for fishing the Gulkana when its that muddy? We are heading down there in a couple weeks as well, but we were possibly looking at canceling if its going to be muddy as we thought it was close to unfishable!



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