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    I will be in the Glenn Allen region the last week in June. I am starting to think of what tackle to put in my box. I will be fishing for salmon mostly, but also trout and grayling. I am bringing a spinning rig and fly casting rig and will be fishing from shore. I am new at this and would like to have help in filling my box with lures I would need. Thanks alot for all your help!


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    There is a ton of information on here about tackle. Use the search function. Grayling and trout=anything small like size 0,1 Mepps, small spoons etc (single hooks work best, required in some places). For the fly rod grayling are not picky most of the time. small dry flys like adams, renegade etc and bring an assortment of nymphs and copper johns.
    Reds, don't eat in fresh water (most of the time) search the flip. yarn flies with gamagatsu hooks size 2 or 3 or russian river flies (check regs)
    Kings- a lot depends on where and how you fish. Corkies with yarn #5 hook, vibrax spinners,
    Heavy spining rod with atleast 20lb line or heavier or atleast a 10 wt flyrod
    Where are you coming up from?


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