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    Default Montague Island

    Flying out to Port Chalmers forest service cabin in August. Anybody been there or have any info? we'll have an inflatable and 26' enclosed boat for fishing. what about streams close to the cabin and deer hunting? I hear the bay is deep and might hold butts? Any info much appreciated


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    I wish I could help! I rented the same cabin for a week starting Aug 19th. And it sounds like we plan to do similar things. I started a thread a month ago on this subject with a few helpful and interesting responses but not what I was hoping for. Search this sight for "Montague Island Port Chalmers cabin".

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    Thumbs up Chalmer cabin

    I added some info to the tread that "predator control" is refering to. Here is a pic from the bay toward the cabin. the bay is shallow, this pic was taken from my boat in about 15' at low tide, however there is good fishing just outside of the bay. The anchorage is good "mud" bottom, the bay can have fairly good winds, make sure you get a good set on your anchor. The other boat in the pic moved about 100yds in a wind storm the day after we arrived. The hunting is ok, "hunted out" around the cabin, in Aug the deer will still be faily high, so it will be a decent hike to get to them. There are several creeks coming into the bay, lots of salmon.
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    Default August 19th, 2007

    Predator Control: Retselguy here, I'll give a clue as to my identity... I like catching salmon with flat fish, and I saw your brothers last month at Lake of the Woods.

    I didn't realize you were hunting for info on Montague also, I did receive the story about the couple who were deer hunting and had to shoot a grizzly. KC tells me that when AF&G trap troublesome bears on the Kenai Pen. they relocate them onto Montague, perfect, besides lots of bears they send the angry ones out there too. Have you heard this also?

    KC coming up this weekend for some steelhead fishing on the Northshore, tuning up for the big summer adventure.

    Take care and let us know if we can help out in anyway.


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    Default Bears on Montague

    It's true, atleast they use to, don't know if they still do transport trouble bears from southcentral. I have hunted at several different locations on the island and never even seen a bear, however a friend of mine was hunting on the north end of the island, he said they would shoot a deer, within minutes they could hear a bear/s coming down the hill through the brush. Musta sounded like a dinner bell. After they lost two before they got them to the beach, they started only shooting deer on the beach so they could get out fast. This was latter in the year than what your taking about, well after the salmon were gone.

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    I took the summer off from MN last year and fished the offshore areas around Montague a few times. We had our best luck for ling cod and halibut around the southwest shore of the island. We overnighted in the bay on the very southwest corner of the island two times and it was a very good anchorage.

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    Hey Retselguy, I guess we "do" plan to do similar things. We should be "fishing" for info in different "streams". Thats super!! I didnt know you were bringing a 26' boat too. akpilot, I just now realized you added that info to my earlier thread, thanks that is really helpful. Were the salmon that were pooling at river mouth silvers? Thats what were after. I too have found nice halibut over near Green Is. Appelegate. It sounds like you did well out front of Chalmers? This trip I plan to scout around for shrimp near the cabin. I know the deer are up high early season but I enjoy the hike up after them. Ive never been in a more beautiful place than that type of alpine in the sunshine. Thanks for the anchoring tips. Thats always my biggest concern when going ashore.

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    Hmmm, cabin is reserved for whole month of august. My guess is there's a rumor out about something going on there - or was hot last yr; haven't heard or seen anything; maybe saltwater fishing - maybe silvers in the Chalmers river.

    Please post a report when you get back.

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    Default Monague Island

    We were there in late Aug. We didn't fish at all in the bay and the only dead salmon, on the beach were "hummpies" however there were still tons of salmon in the bay. We did troll around the end of Green Is. on the way in and picked up a couple silvers, that and the 60+ Shrimp we picked up on the way over, made some very tasty meals
    Amen..... On the beauty, extermely beautiful area!!!!!
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    Stevesch, nothing unusual about any of the PWS public use cabins being booked all August. The Green Is. cabin (within 15 miles of Chalmers) is booked from May-Aug solid. My boat is so small it gets pretty uncomfortable living/fishing 3 guys for a week in the rain, cabin is the way to go. No rumors or secrets about Chalmers, just planning to check out a new area. AKpilot, Thats great you found some shrimp. I am shrimp geared up now so Im really looking forward to how well they catch. How close to Chalmers did you set your pots? Is the timber pretty dense above the cabin or can you stay in meadows until reach alpine? Did you read the cabin log? any one mention silvers? Going after them on flyrod is a real kick. I cant wait!!

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    sounds promising, doesn't it? Curious what you find out.

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    Myself and 5 others stayed at Port Chalmers cabin the third week of July in 2008. We were there for 5 nights kayak fishing. Alaska was experiencing its coldest summer on record so there weren't any salmon in the rivers. We did get butts on the outside, which was about a 2 mile paddle from the cabin. We caught tons of rock cods but I got the only ling. We had a blast but wished we'd gone a later so we'd have salmon too. We say some silvers blitz a couple times but didn't get any.
    At one point we came across a grizzly swimming from the main island out to one of the ones across the bay. When my buddies got near it swam towards them and they put distance between them and the bear and it continued towards the island. It's the only land animal we saw.


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