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Thread: Kicker motor theft???????

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    Default Kicker motor theft???????

    Well I havent even had my boat for a whole month and needless to say someone wanted my kicker motor more than me. Is it pretty common for these motors to be stolen? What do you fellow boaters due to try and secure your motors from theft? I thought that i had it on there good as it was bolted directly to the kicker mount, but i guess not. Looks like when i get another one it will be coming on and off everytime. Luckily my budy has an extra one that we are going to use for this weekend trip but man this is really fustrating..

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    Bummer, man. Some people bolt them directly to the transom, and some will run a cable between the main and kicker with a lock on it. I locked a cable between the two in the winter, but took it off during the summer. I think it creates a tripping hazard while standing on the extended transom.

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    Someone else just posted yesterday about theirs being stolen. Where was it stolen from? I think the other guy was from Eagle River and it was taken right off the back of his boat in the yard. It also sounded like another in that area had been stolen a week or so before as well. Locking it on the boat can help, but if it isn't a really good lock, it will only slow them down a bit.

    Keep a close eye on Craigslist and other places like that for someone trying to resell it quickly.

    EDIT: Here is that other thread I referred to:!!


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