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Thread: myth or fact, zinc

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    Default myth or fact, zinc

    I was told that if you have too much or too little zink on your boat that it would scare the fish away. That there is a magical number that can be measured from the boat to the salt water that if obtained your boat would attract fish, mostly trolling as per his story. That is why the boat in front and behind you are hooked up and you are sitting watching. Has anyone heard of this before? I know they talk of this sort of thing with downriggers but zink is new to me. If you have, what is the number? And would it apply to a fiberglass boat?

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    That's an interesting take on zinc. I don't have a clue either way. What I always understood was that the zinc prevents your aluminum (boat or outboard) from disintegrating in saltwater from electrolysis. I have heard that aluminum boats will sometimes put out a positive or negative charge but I don't know why that is. A quick search produced this I would say it sheds more light on the subject.

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    Default Doubt it

    The zinc creates a battery between it and the aluminum/steel parts of the boat with the sea water completing the circuit. The purpose is to protect the boat parts from corrosion by sacrificing the zinc.

    So, I'm sure that there is a small electric/magnetic field generated, but I can't imagine it could be felt very far from the boat. I could see it maybe affecting fish real close to the boat, but not 30 or 50 or 100 feet beneath the boat.

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    I wouldn't put much stock in that theory.

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    Question electric charge on downrigger wire

    Just happened to find this for Scotty Downrigger, which I thought might be somewhat related and found interesting:

    "... The Scotty design also gives you the advantages of natural electrolysis (positive ion control) on your downrigger wire. The downrigger is engineered so that you will have a slight positive charge on your downrigger wire. Many species of fish are strongly attracted to this charge. "

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    I have read about salmon trollers in SE "tuning" the trolling wires but i don't know how or why it was done.

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