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Thread: Refinishing drift boat oars...

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    Default Refinishing drift boat oars...

    Maybe this belongs in the boating section, but I figure the FF here probably use drift boats more than anyone.

    about 10 days ago I bought what I thought may be the ugliest drift boat on the Kenai P, but now I see another on CL that I think may be the winner :-)

    I would like to refinish the oars.
    The oars have plastic sleeves on the shafts, rope wrapped, with wood blades & handles & look like they were really nice oars at one time. They have not been well maintained, but are still solid.
    There is a little splitting on the handles & the finish is peeling oin the blades. Blades still look pretty solid. There is a thin rubber like protectent material peeling off the last 4" of the blades.
    Should I coat the handles with fiberglass resin to seal & rotect them (along with insuring their integrity) & then put thin foam covers on them?
    On the blades, sand them lightly to remove finish & then put a strip of glass tape sandwiching the edges & resin over entire blade, or glass over the entire working portion of the blade?
    The plastic sleeve on the handle end of each oar has a split about 3" long. Fill with epoxy, cover with seran wrap, & wrap with a hose clamp till set then sand smooth?

    This is a glass boat & since my DB experience is extremely limited you may be getting lots of questions...

    Thanks guys...
    Vance in AK.

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    I would see if you can just pick up a decent set of used cataract oars and keep those as a spare. The method you described is a way to do it. Not sure how bad the oars are, but you could always attach some pics of the damage. If the blades aren't chewed up I would sand and reglass, as well as put a second layer of glass on the lip of the blades for added protection. Might consider re wrapping the rope and ditching the plastic sleeves.

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    Vance, I have th ugliest drift boat on the may have bought the nice one I sold a few years back!

    Rubber sleeves over wood handles have been great for me. Fiberglass on your blades will increase weight and affect balance...check it.

    Not sure if it will work or not, burt chloroform will "weld" plastic...seen it done on a few snowmachine windshields..What do yo uthink the purpose of the plastic sleeves are for? Can you get rid of it, or is it covering a splice?


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