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Thread: Skyline ridge trail.. Cooper Landing, Questions

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    Default Skyline ridge trail.. Cooper Landing, Questions

    Hello, wondering if anyone has any info they can share....

    1) Has anyone hiked to summit.... and then continued on down the ridge line?. If so where did you come out at. Going to stage bikes there and ride back to truck.

    2) Will hiking the entire ridge line be feasible by the third week of June, without climbing gear?.

    3) Approximate time to Summit and to complete ridge line back to road?.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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    I've hiked Skyline trail
    and Fuller Lakes trail

    but haven't crossed the ridgeline that connects the two on top but I know it can be done, and has been done as a hiker with no climbing gear.

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    I have done the Skyline to Fuller traverse. It took me and a friend about 12 hours to do it all last year, I have heard it is 18 miles long, which is the whole distance not just the ridge, but have also seen where people say it is about 15 miles long. if you start on the skyline side you would come out at upper Fuller lake on Fuller lake trail. from there it is about a three mile hike back to your car, so mountain bikes may just end up being a lot of work for the little you would ride them. Good luck.

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