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    This is not meant to be a spam or add but I wanted to point out an example of a couple of refreshing purchase experiences. In the recent past I have tried to order a couple of items not available to me locally and found them at various online stores only to have them want to charge me upward of sixty bucks to ship to Alaska. Many had a standard shipping rate of about ten bucks or so to the "U.S.", unless the order went to AK or HI. Not like they were heavy items, one was a chartplotter sd chip, the other a cable. Anyway, on both orders, I went to the GPS Store online and they not only offered USPS priority mail, they responded with "well, why wouldn't we" when I inquired to make sure that was the case. Last year I had to order some anchor chain that I couldn't find in Juneau so I called Fisheries Supply and mentioned I needed it in a hurry. The guy I had on the phone personally took it to AK Air on his way home and Goldstreaked it to me so I had it that night. He charged me about forty bucks, which was less than the ordinary overnight shipping would have been. It grinds me up when a shipper decides to rake us over when it costs them no more to send an item here than it does to send it across the street. I get it that heavier items incurr greater shipping for greater distance but for a freaking envelope, it's pure BS. It's a hassle at times but I am putting in more time trying to find the sellers who have reasonable shipping policies and will try to repeat business with them while letting the others know that they are losing sales. I just wish it wasn't so time consuming.

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    Yes, I hear you!! I'm Lucky in that I live in Anchorage and partake of It is only $1.35 per pound from Seattle to Anchorage. It is great for those places that flat refuse to ship to Alaska or offer free shipping only in the lowly 48.
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    Freight forwarders have done it for a long time I ship using there free shipping to lower USA, using the forwarders address in Fife or Seattle. They forward it to Anchorage, which is exactly what thses guys are doing, perfect for shipping & ya get to use your ID. Problem is getting shipper to address it right the first time, so be specific about addressing.

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    I have used the free "super saver shipping" on Amazon several times, and no charge to ship to Alaska, they ususally us priority mail too. I don't believe Cabelas charges extra to ship to Alaska either. I did recently buy an item on Ebay and was charged $20 for shipping to AK. It is a vhf antenna. Could have gone priority mail for under that charge, but no, they used FEDEX ground, and it got to Anchorage in 2 days, now it has been two more weeks and no antenna, fedex insists they put it on USPS parcel post to Valdez, post office says they have no record of it being turned over to them....I am told to wait but I think it is lost. ugh! Thanksfully, we have flat rate priority mail, sometimes if someone won't ship to AK I just have it sent to my winter home in Idaho and then pay the priority rate and ship it myself to AK.


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