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Thread: White Coveralls For Sheep

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    Default White Coveralls For Sheep

    Anybody use these on a sheep hunt? I was given a set the other day during a plant tour. They weigh almost nothing. Is it worth packing, or a just another piece of gear that won't be used?


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    Default whites

    I have used whites on two sheep hunts succesfully. They seem to work quite well, stay hunched over(four legged look), or even have your partner wear a suit and walk hunched over behind you. I have heard that it is important to take the suit off before you approach a downed sheep, so you are not educating the other sheep that may be in the same band the dangers of strange two legged white sheep.

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    I've never used whites and don't plan on it. For goats, maybe...but for sheep I just wear a good grayish-color camo and try to be as stealthy as possible. I would way rather move an inch at a time while camoflauged than announce my presence to the sheep with whites and risk scaring them off. It has worked for some, but I've also heard of many botched stalks due to whites. The risk/benefit analysis causes me to leave the whites at home. Just one man's opinion, though.


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    I recently read the new book by Tony Russ, "Stalking Sheep In Alaska". He relates many stories regarding successful hunts which depended on the use of the whitesuits. But he made it very clear that they have a place and time. I'd recommend the book, especially if you are a bowhunter.

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    Default wind breaker

    They make a great wind breaker, if they're the one-piece white Tyvek coveralls. So I always carry one as a wind breaker and have occasionally used them while approaching sheep. I haven't formed a personal concensus on whether or not they fool the sheep, but they are a very light, effective wind breaker. They also offer a little water resistance on those days when the rain spits off and on.

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    On my one trip to Alaska we watched two guys on the mountainside drop 2 rams as we hiked out with ours. When first noticed them and thought "those are some really white sheep." A few minutes later, when the gunshots rang out, we realized it was two hunters in whites. Seemed to work well for them that time.


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