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Thread: Any word on the cottonwood creek bridge?

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    Default Any word on the cottonwood creek bridge?

    I rode down to the hayflats today and saw that the bridge across cottonwood creek is still boarded up. Has anybody heard anything about when they plan on putting in the new one? I would like to help out if they need it.
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    Last I communicated with the refuge manager about bridges he was looking at getting a nearly free bridge out of the Homer area. I told him of some logging road bridges that one of my contractors took out of Icy Bay and dropped off in Haines for the state DNR. Way more bridge than anyone would need at the hay flats and would create an installation issue if not careful.

    It appears that he is being frugal with the funding and wanting to get the most for his funding by finding a used bridge system already owned by the state. Or maybe donated by a private party and the funding can be spend on installation.

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    Ray thanks for your efforts in solving this problem. I am sure many others appreciate it too.


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