I took my AKC senior level dog Chance to the NAHRA picnic hunt test to see if he would be able to do the upper level tests. Mind you I had never trailed, quartered or done sit to flush with my nearly 7-year-old Chessie but he's a good one. He trailed no problem, quartered no problem and then took three blasts on the whistle to sit on the flush but did it. The gunners didn't hit the bird and it flew off to another section of the field. The guys running the event let me take him over to see if he could find it and yup, he did. The bird flew as fast as it could but Chance in hot pursuit was running after it. Chance saw where it went down and again found it. He retrieved to hand a bird that was very alive. From what I could tell I don't think the gunners ever hit the bird. Even the great Roy McFall said to me what a nice job my dog had done marking that bird. What fun! What a dog! Thanks Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association for putting on the picnic.