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    I took these photographs of a brown recluse spider up close. We find these everywhere in our house in North Texas. Not a spider you want to get bit by. Its not really fatal, few if anyone dies from a bite, but the bite does rot the flesh away and will leave lots of bad memories.

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    I'll take my chances with bears and the cold. thank you.

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    no pictures of when you squashed him?

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    I'd get a can of "Sevin" insecticide powder and sprinkle a little here and there, wherever they are apt to be...any that walk over it will die.
    There are scattered reports of people finding brown recluse spiders in southeastern'd think there wouldn't be any this far north.

    PS: excellent close-up shots!
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    These little pests ride all over the place in boxes of vegetables and fruit shipped from, Mexico, south and central america; The shipments are supposed to be fumigated. However many slip through alive; they can't survive outside in the cold, but we get a resupply of fruit and spiders pretty frequently.
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    Rumor has it there are reports of them now in So Central.....
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