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    All bit of advice for some fly-out destinations for Kings or silvers 25th july onwards .have done the big river lakes bear viewing before .and really want a go at kings or silvers


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    I have been told that Silver Salmon Creek on the west side of cook inlet can be one right after the other. I have not tried it, but hope to this year.

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    Get hold of Tim at Natron Air in Soldotna. Silver Salmon Creek is great if you time it right. So is Shelter Creek and Poly Creek. Timing is everything. Be ready to deal with bears. If you are not comfortable with bears get a guide to help you out. Good luck.

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    how about wolverine creek?

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    For kings you should stay on the kenai not much open for kings afterwords. As for silvers you could rent rust's cabins on alexander creek, they have boats there which can help you get away from the crowds. You could also hire the guy at willow creek resort (Ken maybe?) to take you to the talichuitna area, not as cool as a flight but it'll get you to he silvers for realitively inexpensive...

    I of course will be hiking up clear creek or willow creek for my solitude and silvers, less people than lake creek too.
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    The Kustatan River on the West side of Cook inlet gets a big run of Silvers starting in mid July into August. Usually no problem getting your limit. Contact Natron Air or Alaska West Air.


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