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Thread: 2002 Yamaha Grizzly - Power

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    Default 2002 Yamaha Grizzly - Power

    Seems my 2002 Grizzly loses all power in High when it is needed most. Such as in the mud, muck and swamp.

    I had the heat recall completed on it some time ago... has the new fancy heat dispation as well as engine covers. I have read that some still have issues with steam going in through the intake causing massive decreases in power. Others discuss adding dielectric grease to all fittings (especially the front differential).

    My concern - the beast has never had this type of trouble - until this year.


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    SO is It cutting out right when you hit the water ? If so it's more than likely a steam isue .A couple things to check, Carb boots for cracks , Dielectric grease the spark plug boot and the front diff. plug.If those don't work the only cure is to snorkel it . Look at it this way a snorkel is cheep insurance , the only bad part is the 660 is the hardest bike on the face of this earth to snorkel , trust me i know.


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