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Thread: Grizzly Bear Lake - Route Advice?

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    Default Grizzly Bear Lake - Route Advice?

    I'm planning a trip to Grizzly Bear Lake in Chugach State Park. It is located at the very headwaters of the North Fork of Ship Creek. I can't decide whether to head in via Bird Creek or the Crow Pass trailhead on the Girdwood side.

    If I went Bird Creek, the trip would include a brief four-wheeler ride, followed by about ten miles of hiking. The route would follow Bird Creek, then shoot through a pass north into the North Fork Ship Creek drainage. I'd then have to cut east quite a ways without any established trails. Looks like there would be a choice between dealing with some alders here and there and sidehilling.

    Were I do go via Crow Pass, I'd hike to the cabin, then north. Then I would leave the traile and hike over paradise pass. I think this would require some steep climbs, snow field navigation, and likely lots of scree.

    I'll be carrying a heavy pack and plan to come out the same way I go in.

    I'm hoping for advice from folks who have done one route or the other. What is the terrain like, did you make good time, hazards, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    I can't offer much of an opinion, but..
    I have a Chugach State Park map that shows the following trails: Bird Creek north to Bird Creek Pass, there you connect to the Ship Creek Trail. It shows a trail going east all the way to Grizzly Lake and on to Crow Pass vicinity of Heidi's Knob. So, according to this map at least there is an established trail along Ship Creek all the way to your lake and beyond.

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    Easier hiking from Crow Pass. There is a fair amount of bushwacking up from the Bird Creek side of things.


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