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Thread: MSGDA Picnc Test Sunday June 3rd

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    Default MSGDA Picnc Test Sunday June 3rd

    The Midnight Sun Gun Association will be having its second Picnic/Fun Training day this Sunday June 3rd at Boyd's farm in Palmer. Activities will include a water mark setup as well as a Upland and Trailing setup. There will also be a potluck BBQ following the event. Please see attached for more details. We hope that you and your family will join us for a good time on Sunday!
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    Default MSGDA Picnic Test Sunday June 3rd

    Just another reminder that this Sunday is our next event. Our site has been down the last few days for maintenance. But hopefully its up for good now. Here is the direct link to our premium. hope to see you all on Sunday.

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    I have never done anything like this with my dog. I have just worked with her in the river. Is this something for dogs who already have done hunt tests or is this for beginners like me? Also, what will the "water marks" be like? Having not done this, I am just wondering how things will be set up and what to expect if I go. Thanks.

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    This is a Picnic/ FUN test for all dogs. This is a informal test that is offered to expose new folks to the game and to tune up the dogs that have been at it awhile. All dogs and handlers interested in having a trained retriever are welcome and encouraged to attend. The water marks will be set up on a small pond the distances will be under 50 yards for the young dogs and a little longer for the older dogs. You will start at a point of origin called the line and send the dog to retrieve from there and then hopefully have the bird delivered back to you in the same place. You can expect to meet a lot of friendly folks that enjoy working with their dogs and spending time wih others that enjoy the sport. We will also have a potluck BBQ. Again, everone is welcome to attend and particpate. We look forward to seeeing you all there!

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    The dog and I Really enjoyed the picnic test today. The effort put into it by the people sponsoring/running the event was awesome, the grounds were nice, and the burgers good. Thanks for a great day.


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    Thank-you to everyone who volunteered their time for the picnic and running all the stations.

    My chocolate lab "Nitro" & I (Lori) thoroughly enjoy these events and learn a lot from the judges, volunteers, and other handlers. Especially seeing how far my dog has come this year with our training and where we need to work on.

    This is my husband's and my first dog and my first time handling and doing these hunt tests so everything is a great learning tool for us.

    I know we have a long way to go and appreciate all the pointers we get.




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