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Thread: Moose Photography around Anchorage the first week in Sept.

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    Default Moose Photography around Anchorage the first week in Sept.

    I will be at Brooks the first week in Sept shooting bears and hopefully catching some trout.
    I have a camping permit for 8 days but was thinking of coming out a little early and hiking the trails around Anchorage in hopes of finding some bull moose.
    I believe this is really just before the rut but was wondering if any of you might tell me if you think it is worth my while.
    I appreciate all feedback, tough to know what to do when you live in AZ and we don't get chances to shoot brown bears or moose.

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    Go up to Flat Top just east of Anchorage. There are usually a number of viewable bulls that time of year and a lot of photographers stake the area out. They generally don't actually hike Flat Top mountain itself, but walk the road and trails in the valley to the north if the mountain. You are all but guaranteed seeing them that time of year in that area and with the colors changing, it makes for a nice backdrop. Once in a while you will see other wildlife too. (usually bears or sheep (if you hike far enough))


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