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Thread: Which launch wheels

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    Default Which launch wheels

    I want to get a set of launch wheels for my 10' Naiad,(170 lbs aluminum hull inflatable) with a 100 lbs motor on it, any ideas what the best is?

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    I have been told that round wheels are the best!! I have yet to try them, too expensive!!

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    I had a set of wheels on my 10' zodiac some time ago. There were 2 wheels about 10" in diameter on each leg (or 4 wheels total). With my 9.9 yamaha, fuel, kid and clams it worked real well behind a 6X6 on the beach. Depends on what your looking for but 4 wheels will displace weight on the sand better than 2. Only negative I could see was that if not installed properly they could limit how far your outboard can turn. I don't recall what brand they were.


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