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Thread: Scouts Dawson to Circle

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    Default Scouts Dawson to Circle

    Anyone have info concerning doing a Yukon River float from Dawson City to Circle? I work with a Boy Scout Troop looking to do a canoe trip in summer 2013. The Troop canoes Whitehorse to Dawson every few years. I'm looking for a change of view and a different experience.


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    Its a nice float. The mosquitos can be something to recon with. When we did it, Slaven's Roadhouse was open for people to stay in which is worth looking into. Coal Creek Dredge is up the trail from the roadhouse which is also interesting. The river runs about 6mph and it is bigger than it looks so if you want to be on the other side plan ahead of time and start paddling. Right before Circle it gets a little braided so you'll want to be paying attention and stay to the left so you don't miss it. Where the Indian River flows into it has some good Pike fishing. We didn't have any luck in the Charley River but it is still a nice place to try. We used a Garmin GPS with mapsource TOPO loaded onto it which was pretty accurate. From what I can remember, good camping spots can be hard to find especially for a large group, so start looking earlier rather than later.


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