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Thread: Stonewood Lodge - the Cavners

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    Default Stonewood Lodge - the Cavners

    Hope this is the correct forum to find out what ever happened to Preston and Stacie Cavner after their plane crash in 2010. I had one of their Stone wood Lodge brochures and was thinking of booking a hunt but I'm not sure if they still operate the lodge and guide service.

    It was a terrible thing that happened to them with the lose of a child and apparently very serious injuries to Preston and his wife. I met them once and was most impressed.

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    The web site is still up but doesn't look very currant. Here are the phone # they list-

    "Think about what Trip you are interested in and call 907-781-2231 and ask for Preston Cavner anther number to try to 907-223-9386."

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    Stonewood Lodge is still a great destination for a vacation. Preston is on the tail end of another successful spring bear season down on the AK peninsula. Lots of big bears harvested this spring. Give them a call and see what dates they have available.


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