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    I am about to buy my first pair of waders. I am looking to get somthing that will work for both fishing and hunting.

    What are the best options for waders in AK?
    Do I go with insulatd if so how much, I will be in th Fairbanks area mostly.

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    I have owned several pairs of waders over the years and find that having two pairs, one for hunting and fishing is the way to go. I would stay away from nylon/thin type material waiters for hunting, because they will easily snag and tear when your are walking through the bush, though nylons "breath" better that neoprene or rubber.

    Neoprene does not breath as good and will make you hot as you hike in them, but are more resistant to tearing.

    Nylon type waiters are lighter and more comfortable to wear, and I would recommend them for fishing. But if you get cold easily while staying in the river longer, you will want to dress in layers that meet your comfort level. With neoprene, they will keep you warmer in the cold river we have.
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    Decide what your budget is first. Fishing in waders is 1 thing, but hunting is another. Some guys make a cheap pair work, me personally I year them up between fishin, wheelin and hunting.

    Wound up with a pair of 5 layer Simms. Very happy with them.
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