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Thread: Chena or Denali Highway?

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    Default Chena or Denali Highway?

    I am planning my first trip to Alaska and want to do some Grayling fly fishing. Am looking at both of these locations and would be coming by myself.

    I would appreciate any input and info relative to quality of fishing, crowds etc. I can come anytime of the year. Are Grayling available in the Fall for these two areas?

    I would probably hire a guide for part of my trip, then fish on my own. Been looking at They seem affordable. Coming on a budget for about 5 days.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Logan runs AKrivertours he has been there and done that. I believe he may have taken on a partner but still quality run company and they do know the rivers. That being said if your fishing the Denali IMO hiring a guide is again IMO somewhat of a waste of money normally lost of eager fish and lots of places to find them. If you fishing the Chena hiring a guide can be a decent choise for a nice float trip however and mind we are slated to run our commercial operation there starting in Mid June however you can fish it effectively without a guide. Two reason I would hire a guide for the upper Chena 1st being you just want to learn the ropes and 2nd you have none of the required gear.

    Also check out Wilderness Enterprises they do a decent job as well.

    Concering qaulity - the Best of the Best road access is the Delta Clear Water however and although fishing from the bank and wading can be productive the best fishing bar none is via boat.

    - Rivers on the Denali tend to have less people day in and day out and would be rated number II on my places to do a self guided trip with several places that produce quality Grayling.

    - Chena - still a great stream and it does have some very nice fish but on average they tend to be pressured more and on average IMO tend to be just under the other two areas listed above.

    Fall fishing yes it is available and can be very good however it sometimes is all about timing. Grayling can be higly Migatory and cacthing lots of fish sometimes requires your ability to be mobile in the Fall. As an example during Moose hunting season I find the fishing to be outstanding were the South Fork of the Chena and the Main Chena meet. Over the years again IMO they fish seem to be consistantly larger not to mention concentrated. Mind you that is the Chena each river has wild cards to play such as those with Salmon runs in Mid Sept with consistant flows i.e. the Delta Clear Water.

    Hope I did not ramble to long.

    Best of wishes! Tight Lines! Give Logan a call he is one of the Great Ones if you booking a guided trip on the Chena.


    Richard "Moose" Mousseau

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    I appreciate the reply. The info you gave me is very helpful. I have contacted Logan and waiting for his response.

    Odds are, I will do some kind of trip with him. He offers several options that are appealing.

    Once again, thanks for the help.

    Take care,



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