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Thread: Fishing near Anchorage

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    I am coming for a trip the first week of August and will have about 4 hours from the time I wake up to the time I pick up the RV and start heading north. I am staying with friends in Anchorage but to my dismay they are not much for fishermen so they can't really recommend anything that may provide me a quick 3 hour fix.

    Is there anyplace right in Anchorage or on the outskirsts I could wet my fly line?

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    Yes, there are options right in Anchorage. Ship Creek is the most popular, and the silvers should be running in there at that time. It is not a picturesque fly fishery, though. It runs through Anchorage's industrial area down to some very, very muddy banks near the mouth. It's kind of cool in the sense that it's a true urban salmon fishery, but it's not pristine. On the smaller stream side you could check out Campbell Creek. I know folks fish it for silvers, but I can't advise you on the particulars. Read the regulations carefully on that one - there are areas that are closed to fishing. Your other possible option is Bird Creek south of Anchorage about 30 minutes. Given the drive time, though, that might not be your best bet.

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    Thanks for those tips. Would be fun to hit something before heading out for the main trip.

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    As Brain mentioned, both Ship and Campbell Creeks are very local. Campbell has the advantages of being a much more "natural" watercourse, accessible in many parts of the city, a fly-fishing-only section, and the presence Rainbow, Dollys, and -- at the right time -- Silvers. And bears, in the upper Section. It's really a gem of a little stream. Highly recommend it for a few hours of fun. Oh, yeah -- also like Brian said, read the regs!

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    Not far south of Anchorage, check out Bird Creek. Silvers should be popping by then. Check your tides with your schedule.


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