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    I'm planning on floating the gulkana June 8th-11th and I was wondering where would the best place be to lach for day trips? I plan on staying at the bridge in a travel trailer and just doing day floats with the family so I can try out my new Cataraft I have floated the river several times Frome sourdough and poplar but always stay on the river but my wife is not crazy about tents so I have to compromise if I want her and to go. Any help would be appreciated so where should I launch and how much will it cost each time? Thanks

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    Sailors Pit is a short trip and if you have the means can be done a couple of times a day.

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    Yepper Docins spot on. One thing most people are not aware of is the BLM easment to Sailors Pit boat launch "well drop" in. Give D.H a call at the BLM field office in Glennallen to get the skinny on access. You might find there is not requirement to pay the N.C. in order to use the Drop in at Sailors.


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    Thanks guys I appreciate it sailors pit sounds like the place I cant wait to try out the new boat and finally drag the family along up until now ive always done it in a one man alone.

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    as with all 17 B easements there are restrictions/limits. Sailors legally is a 25 foot easement accessible to motor vehicles 3000 lbs. or less. So if your tow vehicle is less than that your good to go. Anything more and you "technically" should pay the fees. I buy a season pass every year as my truck is over 3000 lbs. To bad your fee doesn't seem to help keep the place clean or maintained. Have a pleasant trip.

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    If you are staying at the bridge, you might as well pay for the annual pass and be covered wherever you go on Ahtna land. We stopped at sailor's pit for 1 hour on Monday. Had to cut two downed trees just to drive the RV around the loop. got a warning ticket while we were there. We will be back in a couple weeks so I got the season pass. I agree, irritating to have to pay for access/camping, but nothing done to improve the site. There was trash everywhere, yuck.

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    They can hand out warning tickets all they want. Makes a good fire starter.

    If they want to improve the land and make a decent campground I would gladly pay. Requesting 100 yard tracks of land parrallel to the highways to extort resident Alaskans for access really taints my view of Ahetna.


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