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Thread: Anyone looking to do a fly in sheep hunt?

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    Default Anyone looking to do a fly in sheep hunt?

    My partner had to cancel out on me so I am having to back out of my fly in sheep hunt for this fall. Before I cancel my air charter I thought I would offer it up to someone that wanted to go but could not get a charter booked or for some other unforseen reason. I'm not going to get to specific but I will say that the hunt is in the Wrangells and the air charter is through McCarthy Air Service. No guarantees on this hunt but I have done some research and this should be a very good hunt.Deposit has been payed and the dates are 8 Aug through the 17th, flying out of McCarthy. I'm going to give this about a week before I ask for a refund then the opportunity is gone. You reimburse me my deposit and we get your name on the charter reservation, then you pay the remaining fee before you fly out. Hunt is for 2 people. Pm if your interested.

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    All pm's replied too.

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    Quite a bit of interest but no takers so far. First one tos say I'll take it and pays the deposit gets it and the info I gathered on the area.


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