Looking to convert to disc brakes and do the electric over hydraulic unit. My question is on the coatings as I can get a dacromet coated caliper or for another $120.00 the kit would have stainless calipers with the rotor/hub being dacromet. Then there is the various companys all claiming to be the best . Hoping some of you with the various options in use have some input. Full stainless is not an option and if the various coatings don't hold up that great, I'll rebuild the drum system and save the money for a stainless setup down the road as the electric over hydraulic for discs will work with drums with a pressure step down unit inline.

Researching the oil bath or grease in the hubs I came across this......http://www.airtighthubs.com/products/index/9. 25 bucks per hub, I am thinking of trying it on at least one axle.