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    We decided we needed some alternative heating options in the cabin for next winter - something that I can call up to turn on for pre-heat before we head out there. I did the below analysis on the fuel costs between fuel oil, propane and electricity. Does anyone see any issues with it?

    Type BTU Content Unit Cost per Unit Efficiency $/MMBTU
    Fuel Oil 139,000.00 Gal $3.37 87% $21.09
    Propane 91,000.00 Gal $3.75 83% $34.20
    Electricity 3,412.00 kWh $0.19 100% $55.98

    The fuel prices came from Crowley and the electricity cost came from my last MEA bill. What else should I consider before making a final decision - looks pretty clear cut to me although the upfront cost of an oil buring stove is higher.
    Thanks, Jim

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    Jim, Is this going to be your total heat source once you are at the cabin ? It looks as though you are on the power grid? how about phone service?

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    No - we have a Blaze King I installed a couple of years ago so what I am after is pre-heat. I want to be able to use a phone control power strip to turn on the heater several hours before we arrive at the cabin. Once we arrive, we can fire up the Blaze King and turn off the heater. We do have grid power and a phone line although I see there are a couple of phone control power strips that work with with the cell system.

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    Install a Toyo and expect your wood stove to collect dust.

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    Toyo all the way!


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