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Thread: Gulkana 4th of July Traffic

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    Default Gulkana 4th of July Traffic

    I have a friend coming up from the lower 48, so we're a little constrained as to when we're able to go. Anyone know - or care to baselessly speculate - how busy the Gulkana from Paxon to Sourdough would be on the week of the 4th (weekend prior leading up to, most likely)?

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    You will probably see a few other canoes if you consider that busy.
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    compared to most lower 48 W&S rivers it won't seem too busy. compared to AK standards it will be. all the "normal" campsites, by the island, the canyon, etc. will most likely have folks there. once you get down to motor boat water it will even more so.

    if you can avoid the 4th weekend by going during the weekdays either before or after, you'll have a much less crowded river.

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    I have three words of advice for you for the 4th of July on the Gulkana. #1) Don't be too picky about your campsites, because chances are all the good ones will be taken. #2) Don't plan on camping at the Canyon. It would be wise to get to the Canyon first thing in the morning, portage the necessary gear, float through the Canyon rapids, load up your gear and then press on through. The Canyon always seems to be the busiest place on the Gulkana. #3) Bring your own firewood, because chainsaws are not allowed, and dry standing timber is almost impossible to find at the popular campsites.


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