Fishing trips is fun and a very memorable adventure. With families, friends or just fiancee, catching fish a learning and enjoyable experience. Fishing trips are also arranged by professionals as featured by rainbow trout fishing alaska
1. Select the best area for fishing such as ponds, lakes and seaside.
2. Get ready the fishing rod, baits and wire.
3. Baits can be artificial such as fish analogue made up of plastic, ceramic or wood and was painted with fishscale designs. Additionally, you can dig for earthworms or small insects lying beneath the topsoil. Skewer them through the fishing hook.
4. Get ready the fishing rod with desired string length and toss sideways with your right arm if your are right handed or left if left handed.*
5. Aim for adult fishes and wait for them to gnaw your bait.
6. Lift up immediately when they had taken the bait.
7. Collect your fishes and store them inside a Styrofoam or plastic container full of crushed ice. On the other hand, you can keep them alive through fish tanks.