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    Default Kasilof launches

    Went to the Kasilof this weekend. It was our first trip taking the drift boat past coho cove. Caught a dolly on a king rod-it was a thrill! Didn't see any kings roll or caught-we went on Saturday.

    Couple items to note on the boat launches downstream...
    Trujillos-it's only open from 7am-7pm.

    The cabins-I disagree with someone else's earlier post that you don't need a motor to get to the cabins. My husband guided for 3 summers on the Kenai, hence is a very strong rower; he is also only 27 and very fit. He said there is no way he would row that! It took us about 20 mins after we passed Trujillos with our motor.

    A couple of things to note about the cabins...
    • There really isn't anywhere to park your boat down there on the bank; 2 boats can be at the launch at a time. There is nothing to tie off to so you have to have someone holding the boat. If another boat pulls up and 2 are already at the launch, they are going to have to run their motor and hold steady in the river until one of those 2 boats gets out of their way.
    • I would recommend running your shuttle before hand so that your trailer is already down there.
    • At the boat launch there is a walkway out to the water-you want to step off of your boat onto that walkway. Quicksand would be an understatement.
    • The trick to hook the cable up to your trailer to pull your boat up to the top...the cable has a loop at one end. Run the cable under your trailer and up onto the V at the back of your trailer.

    A couple etiquette items I was told that I thought I would pass on..
    • Once you are done using the cable, drag it back down to the water so the next person can hook up to their boat right away, this helps keep traffic moving.
    • Once you get your boat onto your trailer, and the next person is hooked up to their boat, you pull them up to the top so that they can get then pull their truck around and get their boat on their trailer. This also helps keep traffic moving.
    • The person driving up the hill has the right of way, so if you aren't great at backing up, you may want to have someone spot the hill before you start down it with your trailer.

    Had a great weekend, hoping for better luck next weekend.

    A bad day of fishing beats a great day of anything else.

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    Thanks for the info on the Kasilof Cabins pullout and Trujillios as well.
    I would add I have rowed to the cabins more than once with a headwind bucking the tide as well. While it wasn't pleaseant I would do it again if need be. I am 36 and out of shape and I can still do it.
    I wouldn't say people should do it but it is certainly doable by your average joe.
    I am not knocking your husband or his rowing ability just stating some personal experiences and what this overweight middle aged guy has/can do.
    A motor is preferable but not an absolute neccessity.
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    I second that. Did it last week. I'm 30 and ripped, it was a pain in the ass, but very do able. No kicker necessary. Definitely have to do it on the ebb.

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