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Thread: Smooth-bore slug

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    Default Smooth-bore slug

    I'm planning to carry my 12 gauge smooth-bore for bear-protection this summer, and trying to decide on the slug to use.
    If I had a rifled barrel, the choice would be easy: Dixie's 730 gr. slug would win hands-down.
    However, I don't have a rifled barrel, so I'm choosing between the Dixie "Penetrator II" and the Brenneke "black magic." I think that they're both 600 gr.???
    Any advice would be great.

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    Whichever one your shotgun likes!

    Do not carry anything unless you have given it a good workout through your gun!

    My 8 shot M-1100 riot gun likes the old Brenneke slugs. I can hit a teacup saucer at 50 yards and a pie pan at 100. Good enough.

    I want to try the Dixie slugs but have not run accross any yet. I need my gun to stay a smooth-bore for buckshot use. For the other nasty critters that inhabit this world.
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    If your barrel has interchangable chokes, you can put a rifled choke in it. That gives you some options regarding trying out the slugs designed for a rifled tube.

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    I just realized that neither the 1 3/8 oz. Black-Magic nor the Dixie slug are offered in 2 3/4", which is what my gun needs.

    So, looks like my choice is between the 1 oz. Black-Magic and the 1 1/4 oz. Heavy Field Short Magnum, both by Brenneke.

    I guess the latter is the better choice for bear protection, being heavier?

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    I've whacked three bears with 1 1/8 oz Brenneke Originals with complete pass throughs. None of the slugs were recovered. I'm going to recommend you stay away from 3" shells. They can sometimes get hung up when you're trying to shuck'em clear. Not much of an issue when you're throwing ack-ack at geese, but a different story when your bacon is in the fire.
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    I guess I was wondering if the "black magic" is so superior (harder lead, better design, etc.) that even in its 1 oz. version it out-penetrates the 1 1/4 oz. HFSM?
    Or are they the same slug except for weight?

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    Default Predator

    I have two boxes of Predators that the manufacturer sent me for testing. Snow level in town is still 2 feet so no testing yet. I also have sample slugs of the ones you mentioned.

    The Predator slug looks like one awesome bullet. It is extremely hard, harder than the Brenneke and way harder than a Foster. It also has a rounder end which may allow for better prenetration.

    I am going to be carrying the Predators this spring on the bear hunts as I have a smooth bore too. I have no reservations on trying them and have promised to take a bear with one this spring.
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    If I had a 3", I'd deffinately be using the Predators. And if I had a rifled barrel, I'd deffinately be using the Terminator/Xterminators.
    But I can only feed my gun 2 3/4", should I use the 1 1/4 oz. "Heavy Field Short Magnums", or the 1 oz. Black Magics? (cuz that's all the BMs weigh in 2 3/4")

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    I can't speak to the Terminators, etc., but I've carried the Brenneke Rottweils in a 2-3/4" rifled slug with what they consider to be a magnum load for that bullet for a long time now. I alternate slugs and 00 buckshot in the tube, mostly as a matter of habit from years ago in other employment.

    These are launched out of a modified, dependable, older, personalized Remington 870 with an extended magazine tube, slightly shortened and contoured butt with a decelerator pad, and a custom bbl cut and crowned at 20-1/8", with a white illuminated front bead sight, originally cut from either a 26" or 28" random bird bbl.

    In the house, around the town, or in the bush, that's the pump action that I swear by. Purchased at a pawn shop, pre-modification, 20 years ago in the lower 48 for $79.00 while I was going to graduate school. ;^>)

    (It likely previously belonged to someone who must've NEVER cleaned it, as when I first acquired it, one shot of random bird shot locked the breech shut like a padlock on Ft. Knox! It's not like that anymore...) ;^>)


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    Default BuckHammers

    Remington BuckHammers.

    I know people that use them in smooth bore guns and they work well.
    They pack one heck of a punch on both sides of the muzzle.

    I use Federal Premium sabots in my New England 12ga slug gun, best slug for my single shot. Like it was mentioned, if you can use a riffled choke that is a big plus, however don’t rule out sabots just because you have a smooth bore. When I first started with sabots I only had a smooth bore and they were a VAST improvement over the riffled “pumpkin slugs” in my Winchester 120 shotgun. When I added a 2” riffled choke it was even better… which let to my single shot slug gun.

    Bottom line here… just see what works best in your gun, and don’t rule out sabots. For bear protection you wont be shooting too far away so tight groups at 100+ yards is not too much of a concern.
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    To answer your question, the black magic are the ones you want just ask Evan Marshall at the site (he is the experts expert where terminal ballistics are concerned, and a danged fine individual.)


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