A year or so ago I posted concerning a 75hp Johnson stinger I have. It konked out while a friend was borrowing it, and shortly, after my life took a downward spiral that left no room for boat mechanicing!
I have recently decided to sell the boat and motor and just keep the zodiak until I'm back on my feet.
The trouble, is that I'm not sure how to price the motor.
I don't want to rip anybody off, nor do I want to be taken advantage of...

The motor does turn by hand by grabbing the flywheel(?) at least until compression builds up.
In my last post.. nearly 2 years ago by now, it was suggested that it may just be the bearing in the lower (jet) unit. Indeed it didn't want to take grease at first, but I thought we had remedied the problem.
The motor ran sweet and smooth, up until it quit. It stopped suddenly during warm up, and hasn't started since.
I am going to offer it up. A local is interested so he gets first crack at it.

Any suggestions?... What would you do in this case? Like I said, I don't want to ask to much or rip anybody off. I don't want to pawn off a worthless motor onto anyone either.... But I believe it may be repairable.
Any advice input or offers are appreciated!
I can even post a video clip in a few days (when I get back into town), of the motor turning etc...

regards y'all..