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    My family and I are moving to remote alaska, port alexander. We are getting our essentials there via a u-haul. Can anyone advise me IS that the best way to get our "stuff" there. We have a ride from Sitka to Port already. Having trouble gettting to Sitka. Do we ferry from, Juneau, Angoon, or some place else?

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    Wow, cool place to move to. Spent a lot of time out of there while trolling for kings in the area years ago. Not sure how you would get in there. I didn't think the ferry stopped in Port Alexander, but again, my information is 20 years old now. Getting to Sitka shouldn't be an issue. You'd ferry from Prince Rupert or Hyder, or possibly Skagway/Haines area to get to Sitka. After that, you might have to hire a landing craft or boat for the rest of your stuff. No vehicles in Port Alexander. Just a boardwalk. Tell Kevin with the Sylvia hello from Skeeter when you get there. I'm sure he is still in PA.

    Good luck! That's a beautful spot!
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    I would take ferry from Bellingham to Juneau and then backtrack Juneau to Sitka.Enjoy the good life
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