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Thread: Welcome to Greg Lee, the Surveyor's Exchange

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    Thumbs up Welcome to Greg Lee, the Surveyor's Exchange

    We want to welcome Greg Lee, Department Manager for Satellite Phones, GPS and Maps at the Surveyor's Exchange in Anchorage. We met Greg at the Great Alaska Sportsman's Show in late March, where we did an interview with him. He decided to sponsor this forum as a way of helping people take care of emergency communications needs while in the field in Alaska.

    Greg's attitude is not hard sell at all. His approach is very much about helping people find a satellite phone (or GPS or whatever else they carry) that works well for them. Greg will be visiting this forum from time to time, and I know he'll be happy to answer questions as they come up.

    Our thanks to Greg and the Surveyor's Exchange for sponsoring this forum!

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    Welcome Greg. We always have guys inquiring aobut SAT phones, beacons, GPS's, etc. around here.

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    Default OK, first inquiry

    Why does a satelite phone cost $1000.00 plus. I realize how this may sound and I assure you it is not meant that way. I have thought about getting a satelite phone/service many times and it's all good until I come up to the 1000 dollar phone cost. I was wondering if maybe someone could itemize (so to speak) that cost for me or explain why this handheld electronic device cost so much?

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    Default Greg

    Greg: Welcome to the forums. Be careful it is addicting though. Especially as I sit here and watch the truck being covered with snow!!!!

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    Default Globalstar

    Is there any Globalstar sat phone coverage in AK at this time? I know the coverage in the lower 48 is minimal with aging equipment that is slow to be replaced.


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