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Thread: Smartcraft gagues

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    Default Smartcraft gagues

    Any one know if it is possible to hook up a Garmin 546s to the Merc smartcraft gauge for an 2005 optimax. Looks like the new gauges use the NMEA 2000 system not sure about the older ones...


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    My guess is yes, but read your manual. NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 are two completely different animals. The specs sheet for the Garmin 546 says:"NMEA 0183 compatible and NMEA 2000 certified” I assume that means you can select which NMEA it talks in setup.

    I don't know when Smartcraft changed to the new NMEA standard. Per the Smartcraft manual printed June 2000: "NOTE: The GPS unit must comply to the National Marine Electronic Association NMEA 0183 Interface Standard v1.5, v2.0 or later compatible version."

    So if you've got a choice in your 546 setup you've got it covered, otherwise you'll have to buy a converter.


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