Still trying to plan a caribou hunt for August. I can't go for the Nelchina herd because I didn't apply for a Tier II permit, so now I am looking at Fortymile or Mulchatna.

Does anyone have any pictures in their archives of the Mosquito Flats area or the Mosquito Fork Fortymile River area (top left of page 108 in the gazeteer)?

Any recommendations for wheel plane places to land in Zone 2 of unit 20E? Some of the pictures I see look like they are actually on the ridges of some of the hills / mountains out there but they are either unlabeled or so broadly labeled I can't tell what area they are in. Generally speaking, that doesn't seem like a good idea to me, but hey I am open to anything. If ridge landings are the way to go, how the heck do I tie down?

Any tips for that area are greatly appreciated. I talked to the guys over and Fish and Game here in Anchorage and they unanimously agreed that the westernmost part of 20E, where Zone 2 is on the maps is going to be the best place to go. After last year's slaughter, they didn't have much hope for a good highway hope until the system gets fixed.

Thanks in advance,