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Thread: New to me Tikka 223!!!

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    Default New to me Tikka 223!!!

    Well I'm on vacation visiting the in laws and I have been looking for a while now for a walking predator/varminter type rifle. I had narrowed it down pretty well, and when I spotted a gently used Tikka in 223 on the rack of a local shop, well now I own it!

    The father in law has a TC encore with a 223 barrel so he had a bunch of handloads all ready to go. Sighted in with a Bushnell 3200 in 4-12x40 I had picked up a few months prior when I saw a good deal. Just sighting in with some 40 gr Vmax and some 55 gr hollow points and its hitting about an inch at 100 with a swift wind blowing up our backs! I am going to do some more shooting tomorrow and work more on precision now that the scope is dialed in, but I am impressed. Very glad I made this purchase.

    Sorry no pictures as of yet, but I'll get em on here as soon as I get the chance!

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    I've fired a few Tikka's over the years and was impressed by how smooth the action is,they also seem to shoot really well right out of the box.
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