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Thread: Shallow spots on Big Lake

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    Default Shallow spots on Big Lake

    Where are the shallow spots to avoid on big lake with a inboard ski boat. I have not heard much about real shallow spots but I am sure they are there.

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Here you go - Big Lake

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    Thanks Mud, I appreciate the link. I was curious if there were any real shallow notorious trouble spots to avoid. Maybe someone who has invested in some new aluminum will chime in.

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    I was at Burkeshore Marina the other day and saw that they have very detailed charts of Big Lake for sale. So unless there are uncharted low spots, that should help out quite a bit.

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    Off of the point next to the island, can get very shallow, and of course the channels between the lakes as well

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    There are a lot of shallow spots around the Big Lake water system. I second the above comments. Pick up one of the detailed maps at Burkeshore and have Nick mark a couple of the famous spots that seem to get someone every year. The good folks that live on the lake will eventually put some buoy's out at some locations. Another good natural indicator is the grass that will eventually poke out of the water. Key word eventually!


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