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Thread: fishing tackel for pike,grayling and shefish

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    Default fishing tackel for pike,grayling and shefish

    I am going on a moose hunt this fall and was going to bring some gear to do a little fishing. Packing light is a must but I would like to bring some fishing gear to fish for pike,grayling and shefish.Does anyone have any good ideas on what kind of tackle would do the job.poles, line, lures,ext. Thanks

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    Jet I went to the Holtina River last July for some Northern's and Sheefish. Northers were not very picky about the lure selection; however, I caught 24 northerns one day on a blue size #4 & #5 Meps spinner with a steel leader. The Sheefish I have caught on a purple Meps size #2 and #3 spinner. Fishing for Sheefish are awesome and I loved watching them popcorn on the waters. I hope to head back out this summer for some more great fishing. I ended up that day catching 24 northerns with my largest being 39". I also caught that day 19 Sheefish with my largest being 54". Good luck and let us know how you did.

    Here are the pictures of the two largest of each from that day.

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    for grayling any spinners will work and for pike and sheefish, pixie and crocodile spoons
    hook, line, sinker, done.


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