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Thread: Lynx fur - best use?

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    Default Lynx fur - best use?

    I have two tanned lynx I would like to do something with. I sewed beaver mittens and hats and a fox hat but never had the opportunity to work with lynx.

    What would you guys do with the fur?

    I really need a parka ruff but want wolverine. I was thinking of trimming the part by my face with lynx... But then again a wolverine is probably several years away or buy it $$$.

    What about mittens or a hat? My sister would probably like a hat. I don't see lynx being that durable though?

    Any other ideas? I don't really want this to be a wall hanging.

    Picture would be great too !

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    could use it for a couple pocket pu**sys.... hahaha love the movie 'get him to the greek'

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    If thinking of the ladies they make nice headbands or hats
    meats meat don't knock it till you try it


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