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    Default Mouthing question...

    Not a hunt question but training related....

    So we recently added a 3 year old Shepherd/Lab mix to the bunch. He's the new pup on the block as I've had my female lab for 4 years now. So far they are awesome together and she loves her new buddy.

    He's super talented, well trained and holds command very well.

    Something that's turned over the past few days is he's become super jealous when the female is getting a lot of hands on attention. After a few light vocal bouts of playful singing he will grab my hand (very gently) in his mouth and pull me away from her to put the focus back on him. Open bite, super soft; completely non aggressive.

    I've been working with him as time allows to keep his strength in commands but this is a new action for me and am looking for advice on how to handle it. I've heard that shepherds are common with the mouthing but I can't have him grabbing one of the kids in an act of jealousy.

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    I don't allow dogs to mouth. What I do, and usually you don't see this in an older dog but more in pups.
    What I would do is everytime the dog would use his mouth/teeth on me I would grab what ever facial part, lip, nose, jaw......and squeeze saying 'No Bite". This will get a bit tricky. He will get good at evading your grasp. If you are to make it work you will start with low pressure on the squeeze and turn up the pressure with each event. Might need to add a tweak of the lip/nose to get his attention. You will know when your hard enough when he responds. Let him know he is not to "bite" and that your willing to back up your command. I would expect it to take a few corrections and he will start catching himself using his teeth and go to licking your hand instead..which I find acceptable.


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